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  • Q Q: What grade peptides do you supply?

    A  GMP-Grade peptide , can be used for injectable or Oral usage.
  • Q Do you have the WC and how does it work?

    A We do have Written confirmation (EU62) for the European market and other regions for some products ,it can replace the GMP certificate in some areas.
  • Q Do you have the DMF ?

    A We have registered in US-FDA, there are 8 peptide products submitted the DMF to the US-FDA .
  • Q Do you have the c-GMP certificate

    A We do have 8 products with the Chinese GMP certificate,  and also has registered in CDE.
  • Q What’s your capacity and batch size?

    A Annual capacity is hundreds of kgs, and some products can be up to 8kg/batch
  • Q How is your quality system?


    a) We have the full and strong GMP quality system , accept the cFDA inspected from time to time .

    b) We have the inner and outer quality verify system.

    c) Annual customer’s Audit

  • Q Delivery Issue


    Prompt after confirmation , and will required the cold-chain shipment.

  • Q Are you selling bulk to US? Doing some investingation investment purposes and we are not clear on if there are any restrictions or difficulties with export logistics.


    YES,we sell the peptide API bulk to US,and till now we don’t have any problem on the shipment.

    If you have any interested item ,we can keep in touch by email , the address is :

  • Q was wondering if china imports any raw peptide materials, or are all raw materials sourced locally?

    A Depands on the product,we are most of the raw matrial sorcing locally
  • Q Why do you want to buy shengnuo biotechnology peptide API? There are other choices. Why choose your home?


    We do a lot of DMF documents, and we have more official audit here, such as South Korea and Mexico, FDA, etc

    It also reflects our strong R & D and production capacity

    The price is on the one hand, the quality of products and services are very leading in the industry, cooperation with us will start a journey per second

  • Q Have you been inspected by US-FDA and others?

    A Yes, we have been inspected by US-FDA three times .We also have been inspected by KFDA and COFEPRIS.
  • Q How do you manufacture the peptides?

    A Chemical synthesis, especially the solid-phase
Biofda biotechnology  is a leading manufacturer of  polypeptide APIs instruments and Skincare peptide components in China. 
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