High-Quality Pentapeptide-31 for Superior Skincare Solutions
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High-Quality Pentapeptide-31 for Superior Skincare Solutions High-Quality Pentapeptide-31 for Superior Skincare Solutions


High-Quality Pentapeptide-31 for Superior Skincare Solutions

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Pentapeptide-31 is a high-purity, synthetic peptide designed for advanced skincare formulations. Known for its ability to boost the Stemness Recovery Complex and preserve cells under stress, this peptide significantly improves skin appearance and promotes self-rejuvenation. With a purity of over 95% and stable properties, Pentapeptide-31 is ideal for anti-aging creams, rejuvenating serums, and moisturizers. Produced by BIOFDA Chemical Co., Ltd., this peptide ensures top-notch quality and reliability for your cosmetic products.
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High-Quality Pentapeptide-31 for Advanced Skincare Formulations

Basic Information

  • INCI Name: Pentapeptide-31

  • Reference: Survixyl IS

  • Purity: >95%

  • Source: Synthetic

  • Grade: Cosmetic

  • Stability: Stable

  • Manufacturer: BIOFDA Chemical Co., Ltd

  • Odor: None

  • Formulation: Available upon request

  • MSDS and COA: Available upon request

  • Delivery: Promptly from stock

  • Recommended Dose: 0.5%-1%

  • Capacity: 600g per month

  • Appearance: White powder

Usage and Benefits

Boosts Stemness Recovery Complex

Pentapeptide-31 is known for its ability to enhance the Stemness Recovery Complex, which has been demonstrated in both in vitro and ex vivo studies. This makes it an essential ingredient for formulations aimed at rejuvenating and restoring the skin’s natural vitality.

Preserves Cells Under Stress

Studies conducted in vitro, ex vivo, and in vivo have shown that Pentapeptide-31 effectively preserves cells under stressful conditions. This property is crucial for maintaining healthy and resilient skin, especially in environments that expose the skin to pollutants and other stressors.

Improves Skin Appearance

Clinical studies have demonstrated that Pentapeptide-31 can significantly improve the appearance of the skin. Users can expect enhanced self-rejuvenation, leading to a fresher, more youthful look. This makes it an ideal component in anti-aging products, serums, and creams designed to promote skin health and vitality.

Product Parameters

  • INCI Name: Pentapeptide-31

  • Traits: White powder

  • PH: Not applicable

  • Purity: >95% purity

  • Storage Conditions: Store in a cool, dry place at 2-8°C, protected from light. For long-term storage, maintain at -20°C to -15°C.

  • Safety: Free from heavy metals, non-irritating to skin and eyes.

  • Package Specification: 1g/bottle

Why Choose Pentapeptide-31 from BIOFDA Chemical Co., Ltd?

Superior Quality and Purity

Our Pentapeptide-31 is synthesized with the highest standards, ensuring a purity of over 95%. This high level of purity guarantees the effectiveness and safety of the peptide when used in cosmetic formulations.

Extensive Research and Development

BIOFDA Chemical Co., Ltd. is dedicated to innovation and excellence in the field of cosmetic peptides. Our in-house labs and rigorous testing protocols ensure that Pentapeptide-31 meets the highest quality standards, providing reliable and consistent results for your skincare products.

Comprehensive Documentation and Support

We provide detailed MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) and COA (Certificates of Analysis) for all our products, ensuring full transparency and compliance with regulatory requirements. Our team is ready to assist you with formulation guidance and technical support to help you achieve the best results.


Pentapeptide-31 is ideal for use in a variety of cosmetic products, including:

  • Anti-Aging Creams: To reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

  • Rejuvenating Serums: To enhance skin vitality and promote self-rejuvenation.

  • Moisturizers: To provide deep hydration while strengthening the skin’s structure.

Contact Us

Ready to elevate your skincare formulations with high-quality Pentapeptide-31? Contact us today to learn more about our products, request samples, or place an order. Our team is here to support your business and ensure you receive the best possible service.


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